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A Fairer Society

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But also a DOER...?

Do you want an alternative to big house builders? To high street mortgages? Or as a renter, the unfair world of property creation for profit?

Our commitment is finding ways to make the housing industry inclusive.

But, we can't do anything without you!

You need to lead the way and support the work we do.  

If you dream of something different, living in a healthy community, designed around how you live your life. Then you must!

Let us show you how, by working together, you can take control.

Let us show you how to Create and Own Together.

It's not an impossible dream.

Those who have joined us so far, are dreaming of:


  • New ways of living together.
  • A simple natural lifestyle: sustainable, ethical and harmonious ways of living.
  • A new approach to emerging chronic illnesses. Including mental health epidemics and current resulting isolation.
  • How to connect to locality and natural environment. Inter-connectedness; sustainable relationships on all levels.
  • Slowing down, connecting and helping one another; kindness; sustainability.
  • Ways of living that are more simple, elegant, and conscious. A clear way for leaders and investors to make a change.

Are you ready to accept the challenge of being and making the difference?

We take you on a journey. In a time period that you create. Removing the stresses of building houses...leaving you the time to create community.

AFS Foundation

The AFS Foundation is a path to community: it offers valuable resources for creating your very own community-led project.

It begins with the Household Blueprint, which is the starting point for joining any AFS-supported community group.

Learn more

F.A.S.T Journey

Our accelerator programme combines expertise, resources and the proven methods that make your dreams of an eco-friendly home in a community of your dreams, a reality.

We work with you every step of the way and provide the path to that dream.

Learn more

Be A Part of the Revolution

- Join us -

You can be part of a movement of people who together are working for A Fairer Society.

Homemakers, Housing activists, Industry Professionals, Investors, Change-makers...

Sign up to learn more and be kept up to date with how communities of people are rising up to the challenge.

We respect your privacy and you. Our communication will be infrequent and news worthy.

Learn more about Cohousing - Free Ebook

What is Cohousing? Where can you find real examples and how can you create your own Cohousing community? This free ebook will set you on a path to learning how to create a happy and healthy community.

"The secret of change, is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new "

∞ Socrates ∞


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