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Simple, effective and professional approach to raising money for community-led projects

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Creating a plan that attracts money

Have you taken the early steps of creating a core group for a CoHousing or other community led project?

Vision & Roles

Have you found that there are some concerns from within your group?

Or you might have some unanswered what if's about money? 

Question marks about the community dynamics and how you will succeed?

We'd suggest this is only natural.

But also something that won't disappear with just time.

By planning, committing to roles and responsibilities you will see a shift in the feeling within your group.

Time to Plan

What you need is the time to fine tune your collective vision.

Spend some more social time with your future neighbours & test some elements of how it might be. This is what community is about.

With purpose and planning time added into the mix.

Plus an inclusive environment for potential new members to experience your work and what you are creating.

Finding the time is the most important thing to create. 

A plan that works

Through some simple time spent together. We want to show you how you can do lots of simple things that add to the bigger picture.

With one purpose, to create a fundable business plan.

Attract more people to your group and understand their buying motivations.

Get clear on your location, legals and money questions.

The final outcome being a plan that is designed to attract money for when you are ready.


Money Matters

Purpose-led planning and support for your group to source and control the money you need.


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