The AFS Foundation

Is Your Path to Community


What is stopping you from taking the next step? Living in a healthy eco community that you helped design?

Let's be clear.

Joining a cohousing or any type of community led housing project is a huge commitment. 

What if we could show you a way to save time? Whilst making the important and difficult early stage decisions?

The AFS Foundation will help you do that. It's a three step process that takes you on a stress free path to starting the community of your dreams...

This path will help you move forward. Connected to your deepest values, while letting you see that your dream is achievable. All within a time that is set by you, at a price you can afford.

AFS Foundation is THE chance to get clear on what is important to you before making any commitments. If you want to join a community group, you need to start the Foundation first. 
We will answer your questions and you can see how the project will be possible.

After all, the development process is complex and expensive. Why start without knowing you are in sync with the people you are preparing to live with and that we have a clear plan with a route to finance for you?

Household Blueprint

Determine whats important to you. We are asking the difficult, inspiring, creative, social, environmental, legal and money questions now so you can define how your place in a community looks like from within.

A carefully designed worksheet and guidance of how to create your own blueprint

Community Blueprint

How do you as a group of people align your household blueprints into something that is valuable and collective. You need to frame your community values and purpose and discuss any points of conflict early.

Money Matters

Determine if your vision & community blueprint is achievable financially. Time is taken to look at individual and group affordability, house building-budgets costs are created so you can see if its possible to get what you want. Very visual and inclusive planning.

"“I found the blueprint to be a really useful and quite an emotional experience. In fact the whole thing has been useful and emotional - making me look at what I want from my life and where and how I live.” "

Kate Ray

So, are you ready???

To start immediately, click GET STARTED TODAY. You will immediately get access to all our resources and support. We have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you do fully participate in the first two months, and you can pause (or quit) the programme at any time with no further obligation.


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