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The 2030 SDGs Game is what we call a gateway experience: people wake up to the systemic impact they already have, and see ways that they can take action to make positive change in the world that they previously had not considered. To maximise the positive impact in your community or organisation, include participants who might be able to work together on projects that make a difference (whether or not those participants know each other yet).


The experience is best with about 30 participants, but we can accommodate 5 to 48 participants quite easily and groups of up to 200 with a slight adjustment to the process. Larger groups are possible with more preparation.


The full experience takes two to three hours. Often the final hour is the most valuable; if you have played the game you will probably remember this. In the final hour, participants have already explored the implications of their choices together, and have begun applying their new insights to their lives and their work. If possible, we strongly recommend giving participants the opportunity to engage with each other for the full three hours. You are likely to get more grounded action and valuable relationships emerging in your community as a result.


While each game facilitator may set their own prices, the current suggested price (and that offered by the only UK facilitator at the moment) is £1500 for a closed game (better suited for corporates, governments, and other large organizations) or £30 per participant for open games where any person may participate. We do also offer a sliding scale for open games, so participants may pay between £15 and £60 if they need to pay less or want to support other people who cannot afford to pay the full price.


We expect game hosts to provide a venue with a magnetic whiteboard, whiteboard markers, and a projector screen. A projector would be ideal. We also need cafe-style tables (seating up to 4 people) and chairs for all the participants. For larger events of more than 48 participants, we will need multiple whiteboards and microphones to amplify participant voices.


If you don’t have access to a venue, it may be possible to use game proceeds to pay for the venue. We may suggest working with another host (a co-host such as a school or university) that could provide the venue.

Outreach / Marketing

If you are hosting an open game, we will work with you to spread the news about your event. We will have a conversation about your objectives and talk with you about who in your network would be best to include to get the impact you are hoping for. We will also send out invitations to our list and publish the game event on our website. In most cases, we will handle ticketing through Eventbrite or a similar online service.

We will contact you.

Curious about the impact for your organisation or community? Ready to host right now? Have a conversation with one of our team members about your objectives.


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