Reason for being:


Where social, environmental and financial impact are normal parts of all development.

People create & build together;

Creating assets that communities own, and

Working in a sharing economy based on sociocratic ownership.

Who we are

Nathaniel Whitestone – (community design and governance)

I am passionate about healthy communities. I am an expert facilitator, consultant, organisational designer and coach with experience in co-operatives, tech startups, community groups, and a big organisation or two. I co-founded the Ecovillage Network of the Americas in 1996 and have been helping people develop thriving businesses and communities ever since.

Peter Burke – (money & community investment strategy)

I use my experience and understanding of how an investor thinks to structure and raise the finance for social purpose projects to happen.

Over the years i've supported, structured, sourced and brokered finance in many different sectors for social enterprises, start ups, SME growth and property related businesses throughout the UK.


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