When you win, we all win.

Are you a leader?
A change maker, a community creator, an entrepreneur?
Do you dream of happy people?
Healthy planet?
Plenty to go around? 
We do too. 
We think we can get there. 
Not easily, but...
We think it's possible.
If people like you lead the way.
And people like us give you a hand.

Strategy, Governance, and Leadership

We help people like you to acquire or create high-value assets (such as cohousing communities or purpose-led businesses) and to manage, own, and/or govern them in deeply collaborative ways (for example, with Sociocracy, cooperative ownership, or agile working practices).

Sustainable Strategy

We can help you develop a strategy that is built on culture, a path to the impact you envision, shaped by your values, connected to the story told by your brand, a conversation as much as a plan. Connect your purpose to the UN Global Goals; develop strategy based on your unique strengths; get strong buy-in from your team because you all create the plan together.

Integral Governance

We can help you with every part of an integral transformation (Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy, Agile, Teal, etc.). Facilitation, training, design, articles / rules... we are expert enough that we don't have to impose solutions. Our team has worked with organizations of every size on six continents, and trained the trainers in several disciplines.

High-Integrity Leadership

We offer coaching for high-integrity leaders and ethical entrepreneurs. Whether you are leading a major company, family business, single team, or a new startup, develop the ability to lead in the complex and uncertain process of co-creating our emerging win-win world. Our mix of practices includes conscious embodiment, leadership and transformation, and the four powers of integrity.



From coaching two founders to designing and facilitating multi-day events with hundreds of participants, we can bring you the best deeply collaborative processes.



We offer a range of coaching programs for individuals and groups. Do the inner work and acquire the relationship skills needed to lead Agile transformation. Develop the ability to effectively lead with love and power.



Whether you want to improve the collaboration in a single team, handle one challenging relationship, or transform the way power and communication works for an entire multinational, we have the tools and diverse global team of profoundly experienced experts you need.



We offer free coaching to groups that are organising Community Action Networks for the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. And we offer a complete package of community development support for those groups that want more, including a process which includes Network Weaving, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, and Theory of Change.

“Our world needs passionate people who know how to lead in healthy ways. We need organisations and communities where healthy power is the norm. Our job in AFS is to help you become one of those leaders, to create and transform those organisations and communities.”
— AFS Co-Founder Nathaniel Whitestone

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